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Has anyone out there completed or is in the process of completing the Sustainable Design Certificate with the BAC?

mainegreen | Posted in General Questions on

If so, what do you think? Is it worthwhile? What about the fact that it’s entirely online? If you’ve completed it, are you finding that employers are recognizing it as a valued credential? If you’re self-employed, was it worth the time and expense? Thanks.

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  1. Tristan Roberts | | #1

    Andrew, I have completed the certificate and am also now a faculty member. My situation is a little unusual, in that I work for BuildingGreen, which is a partner with the BAC on the program. My employer did encourage me to do the program, and does, I think, value my having done it.

    About the program itself -- the curriculum is great and there is an opportunity to learn a lot. There are a lot of opportunities to apply the class to case studies from your own practice, which is great. The online format is nobody's favorite, but it works. I've found that it works best when the instructor is actively involved in online discussions (every class has an online forum component that is heavily weighted), and when there are people in the class who are smarter and more experienced than me, so that I can learn from them. This is usually but not always the case.

  2. user-282515 | | #2


    I am currently enrolled in the certificate program myself and was actually a student of Tristan's in the fall of 08. I agree with Tristan's comments and would recommend the program to anyone who is serious about improving their knowledge of how sustainability is incorporated into building.

    I have found the experience very rewarding and like that I get the benefit of other's experiences and knowledge from around the country.

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