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Opinions on ProVia Doors

greennewdealhomes | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Considering exterior doors for a super-insulated house now under construction in Minnesota. Want something made in USA. Some half-lite, some full-lite. Door glazing will be tri-pane, like the windows. Contractor, who only builds high performance, found ProVia from the company providing the Silex windows for the project. Neither of us has used ProVia, so I’d love to hear from someone who has.

The ProVia website is ok, not great. Tech info is lacking, but ProVia gives this info for glazing, which interested me since they use SuperSpacers:

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Hi Rachel,

    Here is a link that may be helpful:

    FWIW. I read a blog post that compared the costs of ProVIa vs Andersen 100 series doors and windows. Andersen was much more affordable. (I installed 100 series windows in a previous home and was very satisfied with how they performed.)

  2. user-7061227 | | #2

    Can you provide some feedback on your Silex windows? How are they performing, what style did you install, how was the price? Also, why didn't you purchase a door from them....

  3. jamesboris | | #3

    One nice thing that ProVia does is field test their doors by installing them in their factory in the US. So, before a door goes to market, it's opened and shut in real world conditions thousands of times. That said, they're very expensive doors. For a similar performing door with fewer bells and whistles, check out PlastPro, perhaps in a FrameSaver, Auralast, or Plastpro frame. ProVia is roughly a 300% markup from PlastPro -- but remember, the build quality of a prehung door has a lot to do with who puts it together. If a trusted shop puts together your Plastpro+whatever frame, you'll be in as good of shape air-sealing-wise as if you had a prehung ProVia.

    People often get caught up in the up-front specs of a product as opposed to its durability and build quality -- which will of course influence its performance in the long run.

  4. ajc_electric | | #4

    I have two of their exterior doors and so far I like there quality

  5. harrison55 | | #5

    We used ProVia doors in my build of 2019. We used the heavy gauge steel model for 4 single doors (with lites) and one patio door. (We also used 2 6'0 X 8'0 sliders from OKNA and a set of windows from OKNA.)

    We were very happy with the look and feel. Our blower door test was 0.54 ACH @ 50 Pa.

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