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Adding Another Heating Zone

43chevclassic | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi, looking to add a zone to my heating system.  I currently have a propane boiler with four zones, 1) HWT 2) Air exchange 3) infloor in garage and I want to add infloor under joist throughout the main floor.  My question is, once the pex is installed underfloor, what is best to reflect the heat upwards?  Plates or insulation or both? The house has a crawl space 4-ft. and main is approx 1300 sqft.


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  1. Jon R | | #1

    Common practice is plates and then R13 or so of fiberglass insulation.

  2. 43chevclassic | | #2

    Thanks Jon!

  3. Richard McGrath | | #3

    Not just plates though . Extruded aluminum plates by Uponor or Radiant Engineering are best .

    The higher the R value insulation you use the lesser the downward loss will be . Does not have to be foil backed or even have paper . The resistance to heat flow is all you need be concerned about

    1. 43chevclassic | | #4

      great I'll look at the product, Thanks

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