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Heat pump dryers?

Eric Woodhouse | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone have any advice to share with someone who is looking to buy a heat pump dryer?  The full-size Whirlpool model was discontinued some time ago, so it looks to me like the biggest one can get at this point is a 24″ model, which will be a bit of a stretch for my application.  Any thoughts appreciated!

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  1. Expert Member
    Rick Evans | | #1

    I have a Miele heat pump dryer and really like it. It's a smaller machine but is adequate for my wife and I. It's super efficient. I would buy it again.

  2. Ryan Lewis - Zone 4A | | #2

    There is a whirlpool one still on the market, but my understanding from reading reviews is that the lint filters never worked right and it makes the device stop working regularly, without some nonstandard cleaning..

    1. Andy Martin | | #9

      I’ve had good luck cleaning my whirlpool using the blow gun attachment on an air compressor. Definitely nonstandard.

  3. Jonathan Lawrence CZ 4A New Jersey | | #3

    I agree with Rick. I have a Miele too and I am very happy with it. It is smaller so you can design it to be installed undercounter if this was new construction and you also got the matching dryer. I currently have it paired with a full size washer and drys our clothes as good as our gas dryer did in the same amount of time. It is much more gentle on the clothes too.

    1. Matt P | | #7

      Can the Miele dryer cope with a load from a full sized washer? Both have a capacity of about 4 cubic feet or so, so the dryer is jam packed? Thanks!

    2. Matt P | | #8

      Jonathan, when you pair a full sized washer with the Miele dryer, can you dry a full load? My understanding is that the full size washer has a capacity of about 4 cubic feet and so does the dryer. I appreciate your feedback, as I am contemplating the same setup.

  4. Stephen Sheehy | | #4

    Our Whirlpool heat pump dryer has worked flawlessly for the four years since we installed it. No special cleaning needed so far. Just clean the lint filters.

  5. Matt P | | #5

    When you pair the Miele heatpump dryer with a full size washer, can you dry a full load in the small Miele dryer? A full size washer is typically 4 cubic feet and the dryer has that same capacity, which barely fits. Maybe this works fine, but would be good to have user experience.

  6. Calum Wilde | | #6

    We've had a Whirlpool heat pump dryer for almost 2 years now, so far it's needed nothing but lint filter cleaning as well.

  7. monkeyman9 | | #10

    Anyone try the Samsung one?

  8. Norman Farwell | | #11

    Plays well with a heat pump water heater in the same room--the water heater scavenges waste heat and dehumidifies at the same time.

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