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Heavy exterior cladding on exterior insulated walls

jinmtvt | Posted in General Questions on

Would like to hear your take on tactics , systems and ideas on how to install medium to heavy exterior cladding on buildings that have thick exterior insulation .

By medium/heavy cladding i mean things like stone tiles, stone cuts and natural bricks,
stone , faux-stone ( concrete stones ) etc …

Exterior insulation could be anything 4″ and more consisting of any non structural insulation
( foams, rockwool etc.. )

I have notice that most of passivehaus or green projects we see around here feature
mostly regular lightweight sidings such as fibercement, aluminium, acrylic rendering, etc …

I have hard time thinking on how i would come to install let’s say granite tiles on a 6″ EPS exeterior insulated building, even though i know almost all existing systems worlwide..they all rely on having a close by solid frame/wall ( concrete, masonry, steel studs or wood framing ) to screw in…

with the leverage 4″+ of foam puts on the fasteners or bridges …

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Heavy masonry cladding (like brick veneer) often sits on a concrete ledge that is part of the concrete foundation. If you take this approach, some foundation walls make more sense than others. The Thermomass system is one solution: two concrete walls with rigid foam in between.

  2. jinmtvt | | #2

    MArtin : have you ever seen a home built with Thermomass ?? i don't recall any ..
    as far as i know, it is a pretty expensive system with no real benefits.
    IT is also limited in insulation thickness/value ... unless u add on more insulation at the exterior.

    So not other ideas ??

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    Site-built Thermomass walls do not have a fixed R-value. The builder can determine the desired foam thickness.

  4. albertrooks | | #4

    Here is a picture of the Mcon system. It's a stainless steel "facade over low density insulation" system that is Passivhas Institut DE certified and can be designed to support heavy facade loads over thick insulation.

    Let us know at The Small Planet Workshop if you need help with a project. info[at}

    It's a good sign that there have been two "facade over thick insulation" questions in the last week. Perhaps the industry is not immune to change... :)

  5. jinmtvt | | #5

    Albert, thanks for the info.
    This system is offset grid type that is locked to the walls with the rods we see ?

    But i can't see any "HEAVY" finish installed !! ahah :p
    Are those ACP panels and cassette ??

    This system must be very well suited to use with unloadable insulation such as rockwool, cork, iso etc...

    Then, i do not believe that having threads about exterior insulation here in GBA is a good sign ...
    we are all here because we care ..its the others that need to be aware and waken up ! :p

    Martin : ok i thought it had a fixed thickness with their embedded insulation product.
    Still i bet this is very expensive, then u need a full forming crew to work on this, again more expensive. I still have to find a single residential project using it...

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