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Helyodine Gobi Collectors and Superstor SE Tank the best choices?

drpepper | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anyone have any perspective on the relative quality/performance of Helyodine Gobi 410 Collectors and a Superstor 80 Gallon SE Tank with stainless steel Solarflex piping for a solar thermal system for a 4BR house in Massachusetts?

Just wondering if anyone knows of any better options for the collectors and tank or can confirm that these are about the best options available?

Also, how well we should expect this combination of components to perform over time? (including how long should it last…)

Thanks very much for any advice and perspective!

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    1. The Superstor stainless-steel tanks have a good reputation. I have one, and I have no complaints.

    2. There are many manufacturers of solar collectors. The Heliodyne Gobi collectors are well regarded, but other brands of collectors may be equivalent.

    3. In terms of better options, consider a larger tank. If you have 5 people in a 4-bedroom house, then you probably need a bigger tank. The most common mistake with designing solar thermal systems is to undersize the solar tank. Go for the 120-gallon tank.

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