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High Hopes for this new 12v DC Solar Powered Fan

ArimaKisho | Posted in General Questions on

I am planning to cool my horse shelter in the middle of my paddock. This is the perfect scenario for Solar.. The issue has been that there is pretty much SUCK available for DC powered solar fans. I even Initially bought 16″ Radiator fan to test… That turned out to be worthless as the wind is not concentrated in one direction.. I also eliminated using an AC inverter.. Takes 10amps just to deliver 1amp and 120v..

I just found this fan from a brand new company and I really hope it works out. Was just informed they are now building shipping it soon.


This coupled with a 210 watt Newpowa panel, charge controller and 35ah battery my horses should be cool in the 90+ Florida heat..

Also planning to use a Motion Sensor to turn the fans on whenever they enter.. This way I always have reserve battery power..

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