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High-performing = Higher Premium

ARMANDO COBO | Posted in General Questions on

NCBPA’s 2017 Inventory Report identifies 34,152 high performance homes and buildings being built or retrofitted in the state in 2016 and finds a 9.5% price premium for high performance homes sold in three of North Carolina’s metro markets between 2015 and 2016. Since 2007, the report identifies 198,525 high performance homes and buildings in the state. Each year, the report analyzes data from certification and rating programs used to measure homes and buildings for energy efficient, green and high performance features. The 2017 report includes what is believed to be the most comprehensive high performance home sale price analysis performed to date in the country, which compares the prices of 3,908 high performance homes sold in the Charlotte, Triad and Triangle markets between 2015 and 2016 to all other home sales.
To download the document:

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  1. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #1

    That's really interesting. There is a pretty direct correlation between lower HERS score and higher sale price, as well as sale price per square foot. Average HERS score was about 68.

  2. JC72 | | #2

    Interesting report. Although the researchers probably don't have the data I wish single-family was broken down further into detached, attached, PUD, and condominium. IMO it would provide additional clarity.

  3. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #3

    Now, if we can get Appraisers, Builders, Lenders, Realtors and Homeowners to use the Appraisal Institute's Form 820.05 so we call all benefit of the high-performing practices being used in these houses, then we may end up in better shape than this report shows.

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