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Hip ridge vent

_matt_p | Posted in General Questions on


I understand that venting a hip roof is difficult, because of the short run of ridge at the roof peak. I came across a product that is supposed vent the rafter bays along the diagonal hips. See the  links below. Together with intake vents at the soffits, I think it would work.  But I am wondering what all the slots cut into the sheathing will do to the structural integrity of the roof?  I am also wondering whether anyone has experience with this product? Is it widely used?  Will there be enough airflow in a 2 inch vent channel on underside of the roof sheathing so that one can effectively vent a hip roof with this ?

I appreciate any comments  ! Thanks,


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Assuming that your house has a vented roof assembly, then venting the hips of a hipped roof is better than leaving the hips unvented. But hip vents sometimes leak, and they don't provide dependable air flow rates (in part because many of the ventilation channels are short).

    I don't generally recommend venting a hipped roof. In general, other solutions (including building an unvented roof assembly) are usually more successful.

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