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Hot Water Air Source Heat Pump Alternative to Rheem

toothman2020 | Posted in General Questions on

Due to all the noise complaints about the new version 5 of Rheem hot water heat pumps. 

If there are alternative brands out there that others like and recommend please share. I know of Sanden but the price and support in Canada is not ideal. 


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  1. Trevor_Lambert | | #1

    I don't have a recommendation, but the alternative brands are Steibel Eltron, Bradford White and AO Smith.

  2. BirchwoodBill | | #2

    Why not use an air to water heat pump and indirect water tank heater?

    1. toothman2020 | | #4

      Way too complicated and expensive.

  3. jadziedzic | | #3

    Daikin Altherma heat pump line has an option for domestic hot water:

  4. kyle_r | | #5

    I have an AO Smith, but I wouldn’t call it quiet

  5. bjarthur | | #6

    i have a rheem manufactured in 9/2021 and it is 60 dB at chest height a meter away and the sound is a 190 Hz tone. a friend has a GE geospring manufactured in 7/2016 and it is 50 dB and white noise. we have complained up a storm about the noise and fortunately our installer is going to replace it for free with a regular electric one.

    one way to check if you can handle the noise is to figure out a way to play a 190 Hz tone from a speaker and then adjust the volume until it is 60 dB as measured with your phone. then go to the living areas and see if it's bearable. i wish we had done this.

  6. richard_r | | #7

    Wondering if toothman2020 (a dentist perhaps?) found a quiet solution less expensive than the Sanden/ECO2?

    1. toothman2020 | | #8

      Not yet. I’m leaning towards Bradford White.

  7. nynick | | #9

    I will be undergoing a renovation in the next 12 months and am considering AO Smith. Since I'm building an Equipment Room in the basement I will be sound proofing it with Rockwool "Safe and Sound".

  8. walta100 | | #10

    Nick Remember the water heater is going to be pulling heat out of your equipment room.

    If your equipment room is sound proof IE well insulated and air sealed where will the heat the water heater is removing from this room come from? How large will this room be?


    1. nynick | | #11

      Good points Walter. My basement is large...1000+/- sf. The equipment room in the basement will be maybe 16x12 or something like that. The basement currently is uninsulated and stays around 60-65 degrees. I intend to insulate those walls though(not the slab), so I guess I'm not sure if that will increase or decrease the constant below grade temperatures.

      Aren't I supposed to provide vents for intake and exhaust for the heat pump? These would feed into the remaining basement portion. I understand this would affect noise levels, but there's only so much one can do.

  9. user-2310254 | | #12

    You have the option of adding vents and dampers to manage the intake and exhaust of air through the heat pump system.

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