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Housewrap question – replacing siding

Reginald Myles | Posted in General Questions on

I want to replace the siding on my house. It has wood (plywood) siding sheets on it.

I notice that it don’t have any housewrap. When I pull back the siding, I can see the installation. When I watch at some video about housewrap, they are tacking it to a type of plywood.

My question is, do I need to install the plywood are something before I put the siding on it? I need to know what is best, and what do I do when I get to the windows and door with the wrap. If you have any related videos send them to me.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    It sounds as if your house has T-111 siding. This is plywood siding that comes in 4x8 sheets.

    If my guess is correct, you should probably leave the T-111 in place and put your new siding on top of the T-111. In effect, the T-111 becomes your sheathing.

    You still need to install a water-resistive barrier (WRB) -- for example, housewrap -- between the T-111 and the new siding. You may also want to install vertical furring strips between the housewrap and the siding to create a rainscreen gap.

    Your windows and doors need to be properly flashed. If all this is new to you, you may wish to hire a contractor who knows how to flash windows. If you are sure you want to do the work yourself, start studying up on the following topics: water-resistive barrier, rainscreen, and window flashing. You can use the "search" feature on the GBA site to help you.

    Here are links to some GBA videos on flashing windows:

    Flanged Window Video Series — Parts 2 & 3 (Robinson)

    Extra Protection for Head Flashing on Windows and Doors

    Flanged Window Replacement in a House with Wood Siding (1/5)

    Pan Flashing Choices for Windows and Doors

    Flashing the Jambs on Flanged Windows

    Flashing the Jambs of Pre-Cased Windows and Doors

    Head Flashing Windows and Doors with Preapplied Casing

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