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How can I address condensation in my arched cabin walls

waterfront165 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I built a 20×24 arched cabin(Gothic arch,2 inchsteel frame, 2×4 endcaps) in 2016. We were told that the provided insulation was r-49, but subsequent conversation with the manufacturer , solar gawd, said we are more like r 30, with two layers on the outside and two layers on the inside of the cabin ribs. We planned to make the end caps r 30 but the local contractor refused to install the rigid foam we had bought so we only have r 15 fiberglass in the wall. People here in our area of western North Carolina seem generally topay little attention to energy efficiency, so when a yankee, and a woman contractor, moves in, it is not easy to get willing help. The bottom line is that we have significant condensation . This is in the 2 inch rib bays. On the outside between the steel and solar yard, and on the inside between the solar yard and paneling. Since I have been building energy efficient homes since 1984, I find this quite distressing, as I was assured I had r49 . I believe part of problem with moisture. Is that we were supplied non perforated solar gard for the interior application.
At this point, and with limited budget I’m wondering if I can turn the rib bays into interior space by installing a vent at top and bottoms of each, and then use a lunos e2 HRV which is what the folks at rimland tales described using , along with a mini split which was in our plans.
I have also considered filling each rib bay with rigid spray foam, or perhaps mineral wool. We are very chemical sensitive , so somewhat reluctant to go with foam as we did that in a previous house and I believe it may have been done incorrectly so we had what I would call a “sick” house. I always felt better when I could drag myself out of the house. We can’t have that again.
At this point I am thinking of a Santa Fe dehumidifier, or a lunos 2e. And a small mini split that we can use primarily for cooling. We installed a vented Rinnai propane furnace that does a pretty good job of heating except in the bedroom alcove on the back side of the small cabin.
Any suggestions on the best way to correct this would be welcomed.

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