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How can I “beautify” an almost windowless north-facing house front?

WCHSR | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Most passive solar tomes recommend minimizing the size and number of windows in the north facing walls of a house. I’m designing a house that will be on the southwest corner of an intersection. The front door must face north. I can easily eliminate all windows in that wall except for some sidelites by the front door. The inside of the north wall will be mostly closets, bathrooms, and other uses that normally have minimal calls for windows.

The problem is that, as currently designed, the front of the house is ugly. It will be a 2 story house that is 50′ long. Please direct me to places to get ideas on how to improve the curb appeal of a house with almost no widows on its front door side. Thanks, Bill

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  1. user-1031655 | | #1

    Green and curb appeal don't seem to go together in the same sentence. If I was a better writer and more knowledgable on the subject matter, I'd enjoy writing a book titled, "The aesthetically pleasing "Green" home." It is a shame that we've been building homes for thousands of years, and we're still stuck with "shoe box" as the best design.

  2. user-940291 | | #2

    So, the picture isn't an ideal example but if we're talking a strictly traditional aesthetic issue then this is one idea. Not one I like exactly but it's a start...

    Really this is the area where your designer earns their keep. Or more importantly you seek the expertise of a designer. I like as a stepping off point for inspiration but your situation is very site specific.

    I'm curious to see more of what you have if you care to post it.

  3. propeller | | #3

    Architects have been using various techniques to embellish walls with few windows. By playing with volume, pattern, texture and color you can break that blank wall look. Here's an example . I would suggest browsing the architectural section of a nearby bookstore or the internet. Good luck. Marc

  4. user-940291 | | #4

    I neglected to point out that the window above the door is false.

  5. gusfhb | | #5


    The north side might be a good place for a screen porch.[more visual detail]

    Garage entrance?

  6. user-1031655 | | #6

    Deck with some flower planters might work too.

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