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How do we hire a green building advisor on an hourly basis?

Joe Martin | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Does greenbuildingadvisor maintain a directory of recommended consultants?

We’re going to begin construction on a well-insulated home in Zone 5 within the next year or two. We have a builder/designer that we trust and whom is generally knowledgeable and enthusiastic about green building techniques. That being said, he doesn’t have multiple decades of experience like most of the experts here have, and I like to have a sanity check (i.e. second opinion) on design choices and construction methods. From my perspective, paying for a bit of advice and feedback up front during the design stage should result in a better home. I would be interested in hiring an advisor on an hourly basis to provide opinions on design choices and house plans. Is this a service that’s facilitated through this site, and if not how should I proceed in finding an advisor? Thank you all for your time and efforts, I’ve found this site to be extremely valuable.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I suppose you could hire a certified Passive House consultant, or a HERS rater, depending on your philosophy and needs.

    Or you could post your questions on GBA, and get free help.

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