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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Stan, 1"x1'x1' is 1 board foot.

    Something 6" thick by 1'x1' would be 6 board feet.

    A 1x12 board 20 feet long is 20 board feet. (Edit!! I meant to post a one.... )1x6 8 foot long is 4 board feet.

    144 cubic inches in a board foot or 1/12 of a cubic foot.

    A 2x4 is made from a true rough sawn 2"x4" board planed down to 1.5"x3.5". It is still considered full size when calling out board feet.

    Applied sprayfoam is sold by the board foot which is just a way of measuring the cubic volume of product which also relates to how much materlal will be made from buying the drums of product from the manufacturer of the raw material.

    105 board feet would cover 105 square feet if 1" thick. Use your calculator to arrive at other thicknesses.

  2. user-940291 | | #2

    A 2x6 board 8' long is 8 board feet not 4 but otherwise AJ is spot on.

    EDIT: AJ has corrected his original post. My work is done here.

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