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How have people found better HVAC companies?

cold_feet | Posted in General Questions on

I’m curious how others have found HVAC companies that are up to date on current building science based concepts?

Every HVAC company I’ve come across, or listened to friends talk about, is the same experience I don’t want.  Full of statements like:  “Oh you need equipment, great, here’s a quote for stuff that’s the same size as what you have.”  …  “Yeah all those rooms that are warmer/colder than the rest are probably because of how bad/dumb the old equipment is.  This new technology is great and you’ll be much more comfortable.” …..  “What’s a blower door? …uh, sure, I guess we can do a Manual J load calculation if you really want.”

How does one find a company in their area that considers air sealing as part of the HVAC world and the comfort equation?  Who would talk about why you don’t want a larger unit?  Who when asked about better air quality, would talk about something other than a adding a 5″ filter and UV light?  Who might mention that it’s not just air temperature, but how warm/cold your walls and floors are that affects how comfortable or not you feel?

A web search for “building science hvac company [my state]” doesn’t produce any relevant info.

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  1. Patrick OSullivan | | #1

    To a rounding error, they don't exist. Simple as that.

    You need to outsource your design to someone who does this as their business, and then ask that the HVAC company bid to that design. Some will hem and haw at this, but good firms will not. In fact, if you find an installation company that does both single family residential and medium-large commercial, this practice will not be foreign to them, because usually an engineer is doing the MEP design in those cases.

    1. cold_feet | | #3

      Your first paragraph is what I expected, and didn't want to hear. Your idea about looking for a company that does both residential and commercial sounds promising; thank you!

  2. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #2

    In some cases, you can hire the designer to interview the installers about their submissions. That is what I did on a previous build.

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