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Applying Vapor Retarder to Piers

Lindaloowho | Posted in General Questions on

Is there an optimal height for sealed vapour barrier on piers in an encapsulated crawl? (This crawlspace does not have a direct capillary break between concrete and wood members.)

Also, on the interior rigid foamed walls of the crawlspace perimeter, should I run up the wall with vapour barrier as high as the floor assembly?

This property is in Southern Ontario with a wildly varied climate. From -25 degree Celsius ice storms in the winter to +35 degree Celsius days with high humidity in the summer. No termites in our area, but carpenter ants ARE a problem. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Deleted | | #1


  2. user-2310254 | | #2

    Hi Linda,

    This Fine Homebuilding article should be helpful ( It seems the installer wants a reliable anchor point. Everything (top of walls and around piers) has to be sealed with caulk and/or tape. Wall liner goes in before floor liner.

  3. Lindaloowho | | #3

    Thanks a tonne, Steve!

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