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How much time after spray foam should batts be installed in a flash-and batt job?

celtec | Posted in General Questions on

Due to off-gasing of closed-cell foam, how long should you wait before batting?

How would one check if curing is complete?

If batts are installed to soon, will they then retain the gases?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    In most cases, 24 hours is adequate.

    If you are particularly worried about this issue, there is nothing wrong with waiting a longer amount of time. That approach might give you reassurance on this issue.

    Most people use common sense to see if the curing is complete. The foam should have hardened. You can poke it or probe it if you want, but in the vast majority of cases, if the foam has hardened on the surface, it has probably hardened in the center of the cured foam as well (especially if 24 hours have elapsed).

  2. hpcmgr | | #2

    Good question Kevin and thanks Martin for your response. I was not even aware that off-gassing into fiberglass was an issue due to the significantly shorter off-gassing period (30-45min?) for closed cell. Better safe than sorry, would definitely not want to deal with odor issues after the work was completed.

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