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How to cover exterior insulation?

Jenna Bond | Posted in General Questions on

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to cover the exterior foam insulation on my house. There are only a few spots showing but they show some damage already from falling branches/rain/snow. Quikrete and Tuffcoat aren’t available where I live so I was thinking of using surface bonding cement?? Is this the correct option? And do I need to add something to strengthen it?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I'm assuming that you are talking about the rigid foam installed on the exterior side of your foundation wall. Did I guess correctly?

    For a full list of all the different materials that can be used to protect the above-grade portion of this type of insulation, see How to Insulate a Basement Wall. Here is the list of materials from that article:

    A cementitious coating or cementitious stucco (for example, Styro Industries Brush On ST), with or without metal lath
    A cementitious coating that includes chopped fiberglass (for example, Quikrete #1219 foam coating or surface-bonding cement)
    An acrylic coating like Styro Industries FlexCoat or Styro Industries Tuff II
    EIFS (synthetic stucco)
    Cement backerboard, with or without a layer of stucco
    Pressure-treated plywood
    Metal flashing
    A fiberglass panel like Ground Breaker from Nudo Products
    Styro Industries FP Ultra Lite panels (XPS coated with mineral granules adhered to one side)
    Protecto Wrap Protecto Bond (a flexible peel-and-stick membrane with a textured, gritty coating)
    ProGuard Cement Faced Insulated Sheathing.

    For repairs to stucco, you can use almost any stucco mix or mortar mix, especially if you aren't fussy about color matching.

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