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How to find/vett energy retrofit contractor in Seattle?

mrjohn | Posted in General Questions on

I have a 1930’s brick veneer tudor home in the Seattle region.

My home is not very comfortable in the winter as it has some significant energy related issues that I would like to address.

I need help identifying what should be done and it what order, and help executing the work.

– Significant air leakage issues, especially around windows, given a unique design (general air sealing and potential window replacement)
– Home has no insulation in walls. Just brick veneer, 2×4 framing and then lath and plaster. 
– Attic could use insulation help
– I would like to retrofit ductless minisplit heat pump to transition off fossil fuels, reclaim headroom from duct work in basement, and provide better heat/ac distribution through home

Can anyone advise on how to identify and vett the best contractors to manage these kinds of projects?

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