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Working with MEP Plans

fromPok | Posted in General Questions on

Hello – I have a PE who is building the plans. In my town they require full scale MEP plans. Any thoughts about how I should go about it? I am in state of NY.

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    fromPok, is the PE you mention a licensed structural engineer or something else? Are they building or designing? Is this for a new home? Where are you in NY? What is your timeframe? Do you have specific systems in mind, or any unusual conditions?

  2. fromPok | | #2

    Michael - PE is performing structural engineering for a new home. I am in town of newburgh.
    I am working with Dandelion who are providing Manual J/D/S etc. What's required is duct design and Submit a whole house ventilation system design M15005.4. I need submit this ASAP as we submitted full permit work to town and this is a revision request back from the town.

  3. fromPok | | #3

    In case you are not familiar is Dandelion, there are geothermal provider around here.

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