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How to reduce AC noise through a bedroom window?

seawoman127 | Posted in General Questions on

hello….I live in a groundfloor apt. there are two a/c units right outside my bedroom window, about 2 feet away…my unit and my upstairs neighbors’ unit. i don’t use mine much, but they use theirs ALL THE TIME, even when it’s 65 outside! i really don’t want to move, but i cannot go through another summer of listening to the pervasive deep buzzing sound of their unit. so far, i have tried styrofoam insulation and also sound board, cut to fit into the window on the inside which has a 3 inch sill all around it. have also hung a heavy thick blanket. all of these together cut it about in half, but i can still hear the buzzing throughout my apt. any ideas? i’m just a renter, so i don’t want to replace the window.
there is thick, closed-cell foam available….would this work? i’ve heard the acoustic foam squares would NOT work.
thank you
cindy in reno, NV

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Step one is to talk with your landlord. Depending on how loud the noise is, it's possible that there is something wrong with the compressor.

    If you have a really nice landlord, it's even possible that he or she might agree to install a new, quieter unit -- especially if the existing unit is old and inefficient.

    The standard solution to reducing noise through windows is to install a new window with triple or quadruple glazing and very good weatherstripping. That's not an option in your case.

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