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How to seal floors dyed with India ink?

hoffy346 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hi All! Does anyone have specific experience using India Ink on hardwood floors?

I am in need of specific information on how to seal the floors once they are stained. I’ve asked around a few woodworking/DIY sites and while people offer idea’s, it doesn’t seem like anyone can give me an answer on a tried and true product and means of application. What product and what means of application can be used to seal India ink on hardwood floors? All suggestions, completed project examples and even failed attempts helpful!

With that said…. I have about 600 sqft of Red Oak Hardwood in my living and dining room I want to be BLACK. I’ve tested India ink on oak blocks and it is such a gorgeous outcome (in my opinion) with the grain.

Details: I just bought a house and I am very interested in using India ink to achieve black hardwood floors. I understand that India ink is water based, thus I cannot apply an oil based top coat which is typically done with stains because it pulls the ink out when applied. Based on my limited research, it seems something that can be sprayed would be ideal the ink lifts easily.

Thank you!

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Try searching on "ebonizing wood". You find info such as this:

  2. ERIC WHETZEL | | #2

    When we refinished wood front doors and garage doors and needed a water-based clear coat we used a product from

    It's a water-borne acrylic urethane called Aqua Borne Ceramithane. With two coats it has a high build, durable finish. If I remember correctly, it is recommended for hardwood flooring. We felt it was much better than the other water-based clear coats that were available at the time (going back to 2010).

    I think it may be a regional product, but maybe they could ship to you? Maybe even ship a sample can to experiment with and see if it works.

    Good luck!

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