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How to waterproof an old foundation?

yC8otsBTh6 | Posted in General Questions on

Wet basement foundation wall need to be waterproofed from the exterior.

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  1. Will Goodwin | | #1

    Is it stone, block or cement?

  2. Will Goodwin | | #2

    Is it stone , block, or poured cement?

  3. Riversong | | #3

    As Will pointed out, more information is necessary.

    What is the source of the water? Roof drainage? Surface run-off? Subsurface ground water? Rising water table?

    There is little point in adressing the sympton without first dealing with the cause. Eliminate the problem(s) at the source. Install roof gutters and downspouts which divert water at least 10' away from the foundation. Make sure the ground is graded at a minimum of ½" per foot for 10' on all sides of the foundation. Divert uphill water with swales or french drains. If water is running across a paved driveway or walkway, replace with permeable paving materials. If the basement has an earthen floor, install vapor barrier and concrete slab.

    Then we can talk about excavating and waterproofing the basement walls, if it's even necessary.

  4. yC8otsBTh6 | | #4

    Sorry about the posted question. I told one of my employees to hop on here and look for a CAD detail for an underground gutter. We installed one on a leaky old stone foundation with a paver patio butting up to the house recently...after trying numerous other repairs. I didn't have time to draw one for him this afternoon. I advised him that it would be a good solution to his problem and perhaps he could find a detail here. He thought he was searching and not posting. Perhaps it's time for an employee account on GBA...or a new employee. Thanks for your replys and I apologize for abusing your time. -Ted

  5. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #5

    For anyone still interested in the topic, here is an article on "ground gutters":

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