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HRV comparison and/or recommendations

Dlauffenburger | Posted in General Questions on

I have been researching HRV’s and due to availability and performance I am looking at the Lifebreath 155MAX or the Broan HRV160ECM (VANEE 90HV+). 

The Broan unit utilizes ECM motors which give it a better efficiency rating per CM of air but costs approximately $200 more.  Additionally the Broan uses a Poly core verses the aluminum core in Lifebreath, and the Broan core warranty is only 5 years versus lifetime on the Lifebreath.  The Lifebreath comes with a controller while the broan controller is an extra $150.

While neither unit is the best performing HRV on the market, on paper both units seem to provide an effective HRV at a reasonable price.

Can anyone provide any experiences with the units?

Are there any other reasons to select one over the other?

Are there any recommendations for other units that are available in the US to compare?

Any guidance and/or thoughts are appreciated.


Thanks again,


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  1. flyingdutch | | #1

    Hi David
    I've had a Lifebreath 155ECM in my house for the last 10 years. No complaints. I usually run it between November and April here in London, Ontario. Actually picked up the unit at the factory (they're built here as well).
    Cheers Paul

    1. Dlauffenburger | | #3


      Thanks for the info. The Lifebreath documents for the MAX series still show the 155ECM but when I emailed them they stated that they discontinued it and replaced it with the 100ECM. I wish the 155ECM was still available, I would have already ordered it.

  2. Expert Member
    Peter Yost | | #2

    Hi David -

    My brother built a double-stud wall home in Lee NH in 1982 and just two years ago replaced his HRV; went with the Lifebreath after quite a bit of research. Data point of one... Too bad the Lifebreath does not use ECM(s); they get my vote...

    1. Dlauffenburger | | #4

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the reply. 14 years, that speaks well of the Lifebreath.

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