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Choosing an HRV for Small Distribution Pipes

[email protected] | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

We are located in Quebec (Zone 7). Looking for advice on an affordable HRV with a 3″-4″ pipe distribution system.  We had planned on a Zhender and built the house with exposed joists/small bulk heads.  We would be perfectly content with something other than Zhender.  So far our thoughts are to buy something more affordable and use a manifold of some sort to go from the (likely) 6″ at the unit to our 3″-4″ flexible pipes.

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  1. scottie_miller | | #1

    Hi User 7232928, I've seen it noted elsewhere that you can buy the Zhender 3" distribution pipe without buying the HRV from Zhender. Obviously they will try to sell you the Zhender system, but to my knowledge, (full disclosure, I've never done this) they will sell you the individual components. Hopefully other members will have some thoughts on competing products. Good luck!

  2. joshdurston | | #2

    There is a Quebec based company that makes tiny furnaces, that has some plastic flex duct type distribution product.

    Edit found it...

  3. rondeaunotrondo | | #3

    Interesting. Hadn’t seen those ducts previously. No distributors in New England.

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