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HRV exhaust duct through garage

JeremyArch | Posted in Mechanicals on


I was wondering, is it okay to run an hrv/erv exhaust duct through a garage to the exterior? If so would it need to be enclosed in a drywall/fire barrier?.

This will just save me from installing two 6″ intake/outtake hoods at the main entrance to the house. Completely a visual preference to do it this way, as long as it will function the same and not cause any health risks.

Thanks for your input


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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    It still meets code to run the ducts through a garage space (assuming no openings into the garage) if the duct is #26 gage or thicker steel, per R302.5.2 :

    (about half way down the page)

    So hard-piped it's fine- flex, not so much.

    In general it's better to put both the intake & exhaust on the same side of the house, otherwise wind effects will undermine the balanced flow (sometimes severely.) Running them both through the garage might be the better approach if you just can't stand the aesthetics of having them on the front. There is usually a minimum & sometimes a maximum separation spec for the intake & exhaust ports in the installation instructions. Many specify using only insulated duct when routed through unconditioned/semi-conditioned space, so factor that in as well.

  2. JeremyArch | | #2

    Thanks Dana,

    Looks like I will need to narrow down the equipment before determining how to deal with this situation. I just received my interior duct plans and they just mentioned that the intake and exhaust ports had to be a minimum of 6 feet apart. Once i figure out my equipment I may be back with a few more questions!

    Thanks again,

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