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HVAC for Small House (Fujitsu or Samsung)

benneaf3 | Posted in Mechanicals on
  • I’ve got a small house I’m remodeling and am thinking of going with a Fujitsu ducted mini-split.  For whatever reason my HVAC guy says he cannot get one and says he can get Samsung.  I have read for ducted installations Fujitsu is really the way to go, but I really have no idea why and thought…hey…I’ll post the question on they know everything!    Anything I need to look for or ask about when it comes to Fujitsu vs Samsung on a ducted mini-split install?  

    House is in zone 4 (east TN) whole wall R is about 18 and ceiling insulation is R50.  House is right around 1000 sf.


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  1. rliebrecht | | #1

    We are in a 1250 sq foot house (climate zone 6, British Columbia) and use a Fujitsu cold weather ductless heat pump (LZAH15.) Our system has been super reliable and quite efficient in it's first year (our unit has an HSPF around 13 and SEER around 25). We chose the higher efficiency of ductless, and just keep our bedroom doors open to keep air circulating by convection. It has worked without backup heat in -25C, and the unit will be more than powerful enough for summer (can get to 30C or above)

    One caveat - the 1250 sq feet is our main floor. We have a basement suite covering about the same floor print with it's own heat pump, exact same model. Being over a conditioned space affects our overall heat load of course.

  2. Expert Member
    Akos | | #2

    I don't think brand matters as much as support down the road. Taking a quick look at their ducted units, the numbers seem quite good.

    In your milder climate, you might want to go with their non-hyper heat unit as it seems to have a couple of extra points of HSPF. The non-hyper heat 2ton unit feels too large for cooling though, so the smaller hyper heat might be better match even if slightly less efficient.!/product/56508/7/25000///0

    1. benneaf3 | | #3

      Thanks for the input. I appreciate those links.

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