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Choosing an HVAC System for an Older Home

gmspock | Posted in Mechanicals on


The conversation around HVAC has plagued my mind for some time now, so I decided to poll the professionals and those with experience. After interviewing 7 different top rated HVAC companies I still am unclear on what to put into my house. I am in climate zone 5A (New York). Several points:

1.) The house is a 1909 Victorian
2.) The square footage is limited (around 2,000) with an unfinished attic and basement
3.) I hope to finish both the attic and basement
4.) There was an existing 1960’s (estimate) CAC system in the house, of which pieces of the ductwork were removed to do an interior gut renovation
5.) I want the most energy efficient system that will qualify for rebates
6.) Prefer no air handlers on the wall, but recognize that new ductwork will take up more square footage

Many of the companies have recommended ductless mini splits like Mitsubishi hyperheat, but with limited wall space, a hybrid system has also been proposed (air handler in the basement with ductwork for the first floor and then mini-splits for the bedroom and attic) Thoughts?

Thanks for your time and feedback.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #1

    While this article won’t provide all the answers for your situation, I do think it will be helpful: Choosing a New HVAC System.

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