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HVAC Reality Check: Are Duct Systems Dumb or Essential with Corbett Lunsford

rockies63 | Posted in General Questions on

Here’s a very good video from Corbett Lunsford’s Youtube channel “Home Performance” where he discusses the advantages to using a ducted air system.

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  1. scottperezfox | | #1

    Perhaps the move is a slight change in our grammar. Instead of talking about our HVAC unit, we start saying "HVAC systems" — yes, plural. The future of building comfort (and efficiency) might be to de-couple heating/cooling from fresh air, circulations, and humidity control.

    Of course YMMV, and much of it depends on your climate. I live in Phoenix, where the humidity is low all year round, indoor and outdoor, but needless to say we need that air conditioning going in summer. My sister lives in Wisconsin, which is equally dependent on heating in winter.

  2. alexdorf | | #2

    I think the title feels a bit too generalized. For example, can utilize very short run ducts with pancake style VRF/Mini-split systems; so Long big cumbersome ducts might be have seen their day, but shorter runs aren't going away. Nevertheless, he's very knowledgable and passionate about his field of expertise.

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