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Hybrid Hot Water Heater in Garage (Climate Zone 6)?

scottwoodward | Posted in General Questions on

It’s decision time. Has anyone successfully installed their hybrid hot water heater in an insulated, but unheated garage in climate zone 6 (lakes region of NH)?

My main concerns about putting it on the other side of the wall dividing a conditioned mud room and the garage bays are noise and aesthetics. My walls will all be insulated to just over R-30 and I’m planning to have the electrician install a 240v outlet in the garage in case I need to plug in an electric heater. I’ll have a 5.6kw solar array providing main power, which is oversized for the roughly 800 sq. ft. of living space (oversized to provide extra oomph in the winter). I know I can always fall back to electric operation of the water heater if it gets too cold in the garage bays.

Still, would love to know if anyone in climate zone 6 (or even 5) have successfully put their hybrid water heater in the their garage and if so, how they went about it?

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  1. walta100 | | #1

    Seems to me you need to find room inside the conditioned space for all your plumbing. I live hundreds of miles south of you I still get below freezing conditions in my garage on occasion. If you really do have good air sealing and R30 insulation your garage should be below freezing more often than not in the winter.

    Are you sure your electric provider will do net metering with an oversized solar system? Most have wised up an refuse to connect anything over 80%.


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