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Hydronic 5/8 pex radiant leak in concrete

Colin63 | Posted in General Questions on

After moving into the new house and beginning construction on a half-built garage I noticed 5/8 inch PEX coming out of the concrete in several areas of the center garage Bay
As the previous owner is deceased I started on this journey of exploration. I figured it could only be for a car wash setup or radiant floor heat after doing some research I noticed that 5/8 in PEX is normally for hydronic radiant heat on so I filled the tubes up with water Shop-Vac the water out and calculated each loop to be about 100 to 180 ft. The one loop the loop in question holds 3/4 of a gallon so around 100 ‘ but not holding water or pressure my first thought was eliminate the loop completely but I was wondering if it would be efficient or possible to snake a 3/8 in PEX through that line?

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