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I am building a 5-plex where the units are side by side.

Ron OLeary | Posted in General Questions on

I have an ICF 4-foot-high passive heated crawl space. No insulation in the floor joist area. You can hear the guy kicking snow off his shoes in Unit # 1 from Unit # 5 which is approx 100 ft. away. How can I quiet this down?

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  1. TJ Elder | | #1

    Ron, this is a great example of an acoustic flanking path, where sound travels not through the intended barrier wall but around it (in this case, underneath). But first, this isn't a townhouse is it? Because you would have issues with your fire separation between the units. If that's not a concern, the way to resolve the acoustic issue is to either add layers to the underside of the floor (say two layers gyp board on resilient channels below the floor joists) or build partitions to the ground from beneath each demising wall. The ceiling is probably the easier solution. Also for acoustic purposes there should be at least a 3-1/2" batt in each joist bay.

  2. Scorched Earth, 3B | | #2

    Wow. How far along are you on this project? Is there still time to put a club on top of this gigantic bass bin, instead of a five-plex?

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