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I need help with a detail and process to side a home BEFORE the windows arrive from Europe

BrianHlud | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

The energy retrofit project is located in a historical area in Boulder, CO and the area has a strict ‘no noise’ (read limited construction) after mid June and is in place all summer. Our schedule became tight with multiple permitting but was progressing well until a portion of our German made windows were damaged at the airport. With the delays we will be receiving the windows after the noise deadline.

I have heard that in some instances in Europe that builders actually install the windows last, after siding and interior finishes. I am looking for a detail and process on how to do this.

My carpenters are ready and waiting and I would like to move forward with siding so we have the majority of the exterior complete by the deadline.

The structure is a 2×4 wall, osb sheathing , a 2″ layer of exterior foam and will have a vented airspace using battons under the cement fiber lap siding. We used a 2×8 as a window buck that is flush to the outside of the exterior foam. We have the flexibility to mount the window anywhere in the buck but it would most likely be an ‘outie’. There is no nailing fin, rather clips. We would most likely use expanding tape, like Tremco, for the window install.

My carpenters are concerned about pre-siding and getting the window trim reveal correct before the window is in place. Because of the situation the clients are not concerned about that small detail as the windows are well above the ground and won’t be too noticeable.

Any help, details or areas of concern would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Brian from Boulder, CO

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  1. heinblod | | #1

    For the German window installation details see

    " Leitfaden zur Montage von Fenstern und Tueren "
    ISBN 978-86950-082-9

    The manufacturer will be able to provide coppied details for the particular project.

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