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IAQ monitors

jms_designbuild | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone using an IAQ monitor in their home?  I’m interested in getting a tabeltop unit to mostly monitor PM2.5 while I use a wood stove for supplemental heat in the winter and to gauge the air quality in the summer when we’re keeping the wildfire smoke out.  It seems like it was a big discussion point a couple years back but I haven’t seen much recently.  

For context I’m in western Montana (wildfire prone valley), have a .507 ACH house with 2 minisplits & a ducted HRV system.  We’ve got a wood stove with outside air kit that we’re using in the winter.  We’ve worked out the kinks and the stove is operating almost flawlessly for us now but with the tight envelope even the smallest puff of smoke out of the stove when we’re loading wood seems to be very noticeable in the entire house.

I’ve been looking at the Temtop units (P10, M10, M10i).

Anyone have experience with these? or other brands for some simple monitoring?


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  1. nickfalkoff | | #1

    This unit is pretty good and reasonably priced
    Mike Duclos recommended this unit and I picked one up to monitor our office

    Provides readings of fine particles (PM2.5) – all the way down to 0.3 microns.

    You can log the data as well to track indoor air quality

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