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If necessary, could the Zip System 5/16th sheathing survive a New Hampshire winter without siding?

casy76 | Posted in General Questions on

We need some honest opinion and some guidance.

We are building a small summer home in northern NH. We had a family member pass away and have had to take time away from building in order to put some family affairs in order. As a result we won’t be able to complete all the work we need to complete before we leave in a week.

We don’t think we have time to put up siding before we go.. However, the sheathing is mounted and taped on the house. (The roof is shingled already.)

Left as such, would the Zip System sheathing survive a New Hampshire winter without siding to cover it?

I know it’s not the desired case, but we’re faced with some tough choices.

Can anyone weigh in on this? We could use some solid expertise about our options and our risks.

Thank you!

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The installation instructions for Huber Zip System include an answer to your question. Here it is: "Zip System Roof & Wall sheathing should be covered with the finished roof covering or exterior cladding within 180 days of installation."

    If you want to exceed that time limit, and you still hope to retain a Huber warranty, you could always cover the sheathing with sacrificial housewrap.

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