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Epoxy Finish on Concrete Slab with Vapor Barrier

Jon_Jaroker | Posted in General Questions on
I would like to cover half of a bare concrete basement slab with an epoxy finish, which would be impermeable.
The slab is about 2 years old in good condition with control joints.  It was constructed over 4″ of gravel, 1.5″ of XPS insulation board, and 15-mil Stego vapor barrier with taped seams.  It has radiant tubing throughout.  The 700sqft area I want to cover with epoxy would be used for living space; the remainder 1000sqft would remain bare concrete and be used for mechanicals.  The two areas are separated by a wall.

Would covering 7/10ths of this slab with an impermeable epoxy finish create  problems, given the vapor barrier below the slab?

If not epoxy, then what suitable finish for a basement slab (with a vapor barrier and radiant tubing) can be used?

Thank you,

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    As long as the concrete is fully cured I don’t see a problem with the epoxy floor. Two years is plenty of time for full curing to have occurred!

    Concrete isn’t like wood, it doesn’t care if it stays moist and there is no issue with rot or mold inside a slab the way you have with wood that is sealed on both sides. I’ve put in plenty of epoxy floors commercially, and the only issues I’ve ever had is with oil stains in the concrete causing the epoxy to lift and/or bubble. You need good surface prep prior to application if you want the epoxy to look good and last.


    1. jonnymoll | | #2

      Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular and practical floors in our time. Such flooring protects from moisture, it is easy to clean, and it is resistant to scuffing and damage. More info read here

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