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In LEED for Homes, does a LEED AP qualify for ID1.3?

brendafelber | Posted in General Questions on

Clarification on “…shall be a professional who is credentialed with respect to LEED for Homes…”

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  1. David Neiger | | #1

    It is my understanding that in order to take this credit, the following requirements must be met:

    1) the professional must be credentialed as "LEED AP Homes" under the new LEED AP+ credentialing system through GBCI (Beta testing is complete and the market-wide testing will be available starting June 12th);

    2) the LEED AP Homes must be a principal member of the project team and must NOT be a member of the verification team (i.e. Green Rater);

    3) the LEED AP Homes must have an "ongoing role" in the project including participation in meetings; AND

    4) the LEED AP Homes must achieve the credential PRIOR to the preliminary rating (must be confirmed by Green Rater).

    In order to earn the designation, you must pass both the "LEED Green Associate" test AND the "LEED AP Homes" test. I had the opportunity to take and pass the Beta version of the LEED Green Associate and the LEED AP Homes tests in early March. The LEED Green Associate test bears some resemblance to the old LEED AP tests, however, the new, LEED AP Homes test emphasizes residential building science and best practices including the content of the LEED for Homes Reference Guide. You can learn more about this new credential and the testing at GBCI's LEED AP Homes website,

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