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Recommendation for CO2 Monitor

airfix | Posted in General Questions on

Can anybody recommend a good indoor air quality monitor? I’m primarily interested in measuring the CO2 levels in my bedrooms to make sure my ERV is bringing in enough fresh air while we are sleeping. An article on here used a Awair Element to do a study of indoor air quality. Recommendations for an accurate monitor? Steve

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1
    1. airfix | | #3


      Thanks, that is an article about carbon monoxide. While that is always a concern I'm looking for a carbon-dioxide monitor so I can make sure I am brining in enough fresh air into our bedrooms.

      I've noticed our bedrooms seem stuffy in the morning when we wake so I was wondering if I'm too carbon-dioxide rich and need to bring in ore fresh air.

      1. user-2310254 | | #4


        FWIW Allison recommended an Awaire Element for indoor air quality monitoring. I bought one of those and so far have been happy with it. You can read about the product at

  2. user-5946022 | | #2

    Wow - interesting. This thing Allison links to measures 0-6ppm, and starts reporting at 7 ppm.

    I thought I had CO (Carbon Monoxide) monitoring covered with my code required "dumb" CO monitors and my Airthings monitor to see what I actually have, but I'm now realizing my Airthings monitor measures CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) rather than CO (Carbon Monoxide)

    Per the specs of Airthings (pasted below) it also only measures CO2 in the range of 400-5000 ppm, in 5 minute sampling intervals, which may be ok for CO2...

    Does anyone know if:
    1. The CO Experts devices emit a T3 or T4 sound that can be picked up by a monitored listener that is part of a security system?
    2. The CO Experts devices, or another company with similar devices have Zigbee or Zwave connectivity?

  3. airfix | | #5

    Still looking for recommendations on CO2 monitors? Does anybody have any recommendations?

    That Awair Element linked by Steve Knapp seems like a good one.

  4. scottie_miller | | #6

    Hi Steve, I'm not familiar with other options on the market, but I can confirm we've been running an Awair monitor at our townhome in Seattle for roughly 2 years and feel strongly that it was worth the investment. I have no doubt it will help confirm your ERV is moving enough air and once you've dialed in the details in your bedroom you will likely move onto confirming proper ventilation above the stove with VOC readings, etc. Good luck!

  5. jonathanb | | #7

    I have the Airthings View, which I can recommend. It's a bit pricey, but I like the app and have no reason to question the accuracy.

    I'm enjoying learning about the data, and what factors influence it.

    1. mdhomeowner | | #10

      The Airthings View does look good. I like that it shows VOCs also.

      You did touch on the sore subject with these monitors - confirming accuracy.

      1. pico_project | | #11

        Buy two to compare readings. Gift extra to a good friend.

        1. mdhomeowner | | #12

          Fair point. The HoBo seems pricey compared to others. I'm assuming you can expect at least a little more accuracy with the higher priced options.

  6. mark_gil | | #9

    It's a little pricey, but i am finding my Aranet 4 Home very good. It directly (many products are indirect) measures CO2, and adds Humidity and Temperature. Have been using it in various settings for over a year now. It runs for long periods without battery/charge (it has an eInk style screen) and so can continuously show the last reading without that using much power. My only 'gripe' is that it doesn't retain / store data for more than a few days with the most frequent measurement rate.

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