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Info on Inject-A-Seal foam

Jonathan Beers | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Anbody heard of this product? They claim you can put this foam in closed wall cavities, including partially insulated ones. I’m extremely skeptical, but couldn’t find any third-party info.



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  1. Curtis Dean | | #1


    This looks a lot like RetroFoam, which is another injectable foam product. And it looks like they use formaldehyde in their formula, at least according to the spec sheet on their website:

    "Formaldehyde Content of Cured Foam
    Less than 50ppb formaldehyde emitted per ASTM D-5116 (Small Chamber)"

    I'm sure others on this forum will be able to give you more of the ins and outs of this type of product. I do know that if not installed properly, shrinkage can be a big issue with these types of products.

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