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Installation details for inner corner trim over rainscreen and foam

nhbean | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Does anyone have advice or details for installing exterior inner corner trim when using a rainscreen over foam?  I’m trying to replicate the historical details on our house that used a 1″x1″ nailed into the inner corners and then butted the siding up to it.  We’ve added 2″ of polysio and a 3/4″ rainscreen of 1″x4″ furring strips.

Do you just build a corner of 1″x4″ or 1″x6″ material to use as a nailing base, and nail the 1″x1″ into that corner, then screw the whole assembly to the studs through the foam?  Or is there another approach that makes sense?

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  1. Expert Member


    Whether you pre-make the whole inner-corner assembly , or just nail the individual pieces on one at a time is really a preference - both ways work well. When you install the siding remember to bed it in a bead of caulking against the corner trim as you go.

  2. nhbean | | #2

    Will do Malcom - thanks for the advice!

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