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Installation of Ductless ERV

AlexWI | Posted in General Questions on

Hi there

I am installing a through the wall/ductless ERV in my tiny house. Any thoughts on considerations of where to put it?

Considerations that might be helpful to know about:
-Live in climate 6a
-Tiny house is 8×24, no vapor barriers, unvented low slope roof with 7 inches foam insulation on top of sheathing, roof sheathing and foam are taped at seems,
-we have air leaks at some windows and doors and built it intentionally to be leaky (we may have done this differently if we  had more knowledge when we first built)
-We dont have kitchen exhaust (wondering about putting it near cooking so we can switch it to exhaust only, while we cook).
-kitchen end has a loft, 7ft from floor extending out 4 feet
-other end has a loft, 4ft from floor extending out 8 feet. (underneath is sleeping area)
-we have noticed natural air movement is from kitchen end to the other upper end. not a lot of air movement goes into lower sleeping area which we like as it keeps it nice a cool for sleeping.
-heat with wood,
-ERV unit is from Vents US, model is the twinfresh, for rooms up to 500 sq ft

Any thoughts or considerations when picking the best location to install it?


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    Just my 2 cents.

    I would look for a location that allows the ERV to serve the largest area while isolating any sound it might produce. I'd stay away from the kitchen since grease and smoke could be an issue for the filter and motor assembly. (Plus, unless the ERV has a boost mode, it is unlikely to substitute for an exhaust fan.)

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