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Installing foam on foundation interior in rain. Should I wait?

AJ__ | Posted in General Questions on

My foundation is cured and backfilled and the plan was pour the crawlspace slab this week. One problem I did not anticipate was a weeks worth of rain in June…

My foundation walls step down from 5 feet to 1 foot and the plan was to attach 4 eps to the inside faces and under the slab followed by a vapour barrier running under the slab and then taped to the foam a few inches above the slab.

Should I wait for the walls to dry out again before attaching the foam or am I being too cautious? They are visibly holding moisture and the top, and at the bottom where it meets the clear drain rock layer.

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  1. Expert Member

    Hi Alex,

    Go ahead and attach the foam. The difference between the amount of water those concrete walls are holding when they show dampness or not isn't significant.

  2. AJ__ | | #2

    Thanks Malcolm

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