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Vent Covers for HRV Exhaust and Intake Ports

prairieburner | Posted in Green Products and Materials on


I’m installing Broan HRV160TE and I’m wondering what everyone uses for exterior vent hoods?

Do you just use dryer/bathroom vent/range hood vent hoods with dampers?

That makes sense for the exhaust port but what about the intake port?  A regular vent hood’s damper opens the wrong way.

Any input would be great, thanks!

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  1. prairieburner | | #1

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Have you contacted Broan-Nutone to see whether the company sells exterior hoods? The image below is from their installation manual.

    1. prairieburner | | #6

      They do but the "anti-gust" ones are ridiculously expensive. They also have others that look just like dryer vent caps. Guess I'll just use a regular 6" dryer vent cap for the exhaust.

      What would you recommend for an intake cap with a damper since the damper on exhaust vents open the wrong way?

  3. Trevor_Lambert | | #3

    Something like this is a good option:

    1. josh_in_mn | | #5

      Seiho makes a very nice version of that type vent. Available in aluminum, stainless, shiny chrome, etc.

      Not cheap, but I've got several on my house and they look great and are very well built.

  4. user-5946022 | | #4

    My ERV exhausts are in the soffit, and I wanted a secondary damper to prevent cold air from filling the duct back to the ERV, so I used the Panasonic EZ Vents.
    I think the company that invented it licenses it to Gibraltar:

    I also wanted a secondary damper for the intake, and ordered a Tamrack baffle vent, but I did not have sufficient space to fit it in.
    For the intake, I went with a standard 4" soffit louver and added an insect screen to keep the insects out.

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