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Cutting into a Shear Wall to Install a Minisplit

user-5001188 | Posted in General Questions on

I would like to install a mini-split system in my 2nd floor condo.  The HOA says I can’t install it at this time because it would require making a hole in the shear wall.  The HOA is promising that they are going to consult with “an expert” to determine what kind of AC systems could be installed in the future.   However they can give no timeline for completing this task.

My unit is in a 2 story building with a total of 6 units.  Should a mini-split system affect the structural integrity of the building even if all 6 units were to install similar systems?  What kind of expert can I consult to address this concern?  Structural engineer, mechanical engineer…?

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    It sounds like typical HOA politics. If you unit is fairly small, maybe something like this would be a simpler option: If the HOA also shoots down this idea, I think you are dealing with aesthetics more than anything else.

    1. user-5001188 | | #2

      The unit is just over 100 square feet. I take a look at the option you suggested.

  2. user-2310254 | | #3


    Did you drop a zero? Even micro apartments are usually a couple of hundred square feet.

    1. user-5001188 | | #6

      Sorry, it's a little over 1000 square feet.

  3. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #4

    Holes are usually ok if they aren’t too big and aren’t in the wrong places. A structural engineer would be able to say for sure.


    1. user-5001188 | | #5

      Thank you Bill

      1. wastl | | #7

        What is the size of the hole? Just a refrigerant line or more? If its not on an edge a 3" hole should not hurt. But yes - ask your engineer .

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