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House Wrap and Window Installation

KevinDowns | Posted in General Questions on


I’m in the process of remodeling a cabin and have been stuck in a holding pattern due to various issues with the county. In order to protect the building which is currently framed and wrapped in a string-reinforced polyethylene, I would like to install Tyvek, windows, and a large bi-fold door. The polyethylene isn’t breathing adequately, and I’m worried about potential damage with our Seattle rain.

So my question is, if my project is still on pause for a period longer than the exposure rating of the Tyvek, is there an acceptable way to replace it and maintain the window details? Or should I install the windows prior to the house wrap given that I presume it will be replaced in the future?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Expert Member


    You can install your windows without Tyvek, then apply whatever protective cover you want on the rest of the building until you get the okay to proceed. This video shows a viable sequence for doing this which results in a well protected window. Note however that they don't show the metal head-flashing which you should include in the wet PNW climate.

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