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Insulating Gap Between Stairs and Foundation Wall

aldoleopold42 | Posted in General Questions on

My basement stairs were built against the poured concrete wall, with just under a half inch gap between the stringer and the wall. I have used foam adhesive to glue the 2″ rigid to the wall in the other areas of my basement, and was planning on 1″ above and below the stringer with spray foam in the smaller area. My problem is that there isn’t room for a stud wall above the stringer. Can I glue the rigid foam as I’ve done in other areas, then glue a thin shiplap type covering over the foam? Or, would I have to use furring strips attached mechanically thru the foam, then secure shiplap to that?


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  1. PLIERS | | #1

    I have stairs attached to the exterior wall. They are narrow to begin with so I simply insulated everything else and left that area concrete. Insulate what you can, I don’t think such a small area will make a difference. You can glue rigid foam to wall and then glue shiplap or drywall to that. However make sure you use a glue meant for rigid foam

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