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Insulating a lowered vaulted ceiling

adampeters52 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on


My wife and I recently bought a home in southern WI and as I was crawling around in the attic to see about air-sealing and increasing insulation, I found that at one point our kitchen space had a vaulted ceiling, which was lowered by adding 2×6 joists across the span and then sheet rocking. The old vaulted ceiling (with hanging lights and everything) was left, and the attic space above the original ceiling has some insulation. 

My question is what to do with putting in new insulation? Do I air seal the can lights and blow in new insulation into the space between the new ceiling and vaulted one, and then also add more above the old vaulted ceiling? I had to cut the sheetrock to figure out what was going on, but it was all sealed up previously, just without any insultation inside. 

I’ve never come across anything like this so any assistance would be helpful! Home was built in 1979, and looks like there as been multiple random DIY home remodels over the years.

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