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Insulating a pole building for heating and cooling

Sawdust825 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I have a 30 by 56 by 14 tall pole building I want to get finished on the inside now. I have it already set up for radiant floor heat. PEX embedded in the concrete and 2″ high density foam under the slab. My thought process is this. Add plastic sheeting to the open walls as a barrier against condensation. Then “bookcase” the walls with horizontal 2 x 6’s two feet on center and then use R-19 craft face fiberglass to them. Plastic sheeting over the top of the fiberglass. Run 4 x 8 osb or plywood around lower part and white metal corrugated pole building vertically on the top 10′. The ceiling I’m still sorting out but thinking running 2×4’s between the trusses every 2 feet and adding the plastic sheeting for vapor barrior here before lining the ceiling with the same white tin. I would blow in probably fiberglass or cellulose at least 12″ deep. I plan to use a couple mini split systems to cool it. I will use a high efficiency on demand water heater for the heat source. Is my condensation control methods adequate. I want this to be a lasting trouble free upgrade. I am a hobby woodworker and tinkerer. Im located in the upper part of Illinois and can see -20 below winter temps and upper 90’s in the summer. Thank you in advance.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hey Sawdust,

    Have you read this article? It should be very helpful:

  2. Sawdust825 | | #2

    I didn't realize when I joined and posted I was going to need to pay to see the "real" information. I'm not opposed to paying for information but I like to know what I'm getting. Yes there is a free trial but I'm not big on giving credit information out unless I'm actually buying something.

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