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Insulating + air sealing around woodstove chimney penetration

user-7568882 | Posted in General Questions on

Hello builder hive mind,

I am installing a chimney pipe for my wood stove in a post and beam cabin with 3″ of exterior rigid comfort board, 475 IntelloX, and two layers of exterior strapping (see detail of construction below). I am curious, now that I have created this large hole, allowing 2″ space for all combustibles I have ruined both my air seal and continuous insulation seal. The roxul comfortboard is rated for up to 2100 degrees F, can I not just insulate directly around the insulated chimney pipe? The pipe itself is only rated to get to 1700 degrees F. Does GBA have an article about this predicament that I am missing, anyone have any construction details to share?

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      Thank you Steve, that's helpful!

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